LAG Management and sensitisation

The LAG Management team currently comprises 3 employees (80 hours a week) and takes care of the initiation, support and implementation of projects aimed at achieving the objectives defined in the local development strategy.

In addition to the staffing costs, the project also includes measures for sensitisation, such as the creation of this website, the implementation of project posters or the regional newsletter EINBLICKE (INSIGHTS).

Elisa Besenbäck, Stefanie Dornstauder und Katharina Sedelmaier work at the LEADER association Wachau-Dunkelsteinerwald and are responsible for LEADER in the region.

LAG Management 2015-2017 & LAG Management 2018-2020
Project promoter: LEADER-Verein Wachau-Dunkelsteinerwald
Funding level: 70%
Duration: 2,5 Jahre bzw. 2 Jahre
Supported by the federal government, the federal province and the European Union (LEADER).

erstellt am 24.03.2017