Diploma Thesis Exchange for Regional Development

Swapping ideas in the diploma thesis exchange © Rawpixel Ltd - Fotolia.com
Swapping ideas in the diploma thesis exchange © Rawpixel Ltd - Fotolia.com
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...is an online platform for practical scientific papers on regional development in Lower Austria. Students and topic providers meet at a “topic market place”. This is made possible by the six LEADER regions of Donau NÖ-Mitte, Kamptal, Niederösterreich Süd, Römerland Carnuntum, Wachau-Dunkelsteinerwald and Weinviertel-Manhartsberg, for which the active search for diploma students is a major concern. The platform at www.diplomarbeitsboerse.at put the topics and issues of the regions/municipalities in contact with students and vice versa as a way of bringing fresh ideas and science perspectives to the regions.

Building on a preliminary project, six Lower Austrian LEADER regions further developed the Diploma Thesis Exchange for Regional Development as part of a cooperation project and created a mediation service between the field of science and the regions/municipalities. The project management was entrusted to NÖ.Regional.GmbH. The department for Science and Research of the federal province of Lower Austria (K3) is supporting the project.

Key Element: Topic Market Place
Citizens, companies and organisations (municipalities, associations, micro-regions, ...) from the six LEADER regions can upload questions concerning regional development to the online Topic Market Place. The project management of NÖ.Regional.GmbH actively searches for students who want to make these tasks the subjects of their Master’s theses. Municipalities and regions in Lower Austria that are not in one of the six LEADER regions can also upload topics online, but are not actively supported in their search for students.

Benefit of the Diploma Thesis Exchange
Topic providers receive cost-efficient, innovative solutions of communal and regional challenges at academic level for the practical tasks of their Master’s theses. Students are rewarded with up to 500 euros for their Master’s theses, if these were found via the “Diploma Thesis Exchange for Regional Development”. Apart from the accrual of practical know-how, it’s another bonus of the Diploma Thesis Exchange for future academics.

Discussed in the project selection committee: 24.9.2015
Project type: cooperation project
Project promoter: 6 LEADER regions in Lower Austria
Funding level: 80%
Project duration: 3 years
Supported by the federal government, the federal province and the European Union (LEADER).